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7 Best Micro Homes For Your Attic

When it comes to choosing the best Micro Homes for your attic it always helps to see the projects that City Lofts London have already created. Here are seven of the best

Essential Items You Need After Your Loft Has Been Converted

Going through the process of having your loft converted will be one of the best decisions you ever make. You can have your input into the design and the layout and ensure that it is a space that fits your needs in every possible way. However, once the work has been completed, you now have the fun of deciding on the fittings and fixtures you need. This is the exciting part of the process and that part where you really can put your own stamp on your new space.

7 Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Loft

Christmas is a magical time of year and what makes it even better is the fact that many of us choose to decorate our homes. We spend a lot of time decorating our living rooms, our windows as well as the external area of our home but why not extend that into other areas of our homes such as our loft conversion. Just because the loft is positioned in the highest point of the property and often not seen by many, it doesn’t mean that it has to remain neglected when it comes to embracing all things Christmas. So, why not make the right moves and choose to decorate your loft, so it really does feel like Christmas every time you enter it. With that in mind, what decorations would you require to turn your loft into a magical Christmas experience during December?

Mansard vs Dormer Loft Conversion: All You Need To Know

Choosing to convert your loft will enable you to make use of space that is often left redundant in many homes. Often, loft space is vast and that means that homeowners have the chance to increase the size of their property without making any real structural changes in the same way that other forms of building work do. When it comes to loft conversions, homeowners have options and that means that you can choose the kind of conversion that fits your needs.

3 Home Renovations To Invest In

Every homeowner considers changes that they can make to their property from time to time. This could be simply from boredom or due to the fact that their needs and/or circumstances have changed. Moving house on a regular basis is not a practical or cost-effective...

Seven Stunning and Inspirational Loft Conversion Ideas

it’s time to think about having your loft converted into a bright, airy additional living space instead. With this in mind, we’ve put together a few bite-sized ideas, together with seven case studies to help you make up your mind.

Perfecting Your Property: How to Create a Jaw-Dropping Home

Perfecting your home is no easy feat. Not only will you have many rooms to transform, but you will also need a considerable amount of money to do so. As a result, it could take many years of hard work and investment. But, no matter how much effort you have made, there...

What does a loft conversion cost?

“What does a loft conversion cost?” is understandably the most asked question amongst homeowners looking to carry out their loft conversion. Unfortunately, there is no single answer, as one size does not fit all. There are several dozen contributing factors that...

Hampton Builder Wins (another) Award For Best Customer Service

PRESS RELEASE 22.01.18: City Lofts London of Hampton Wick Awarded Best Of Houzz 2018, Customer Service Category   Over 40 Million Monthly Unique Users Nominated Best Home Improvement and Design Professionals in the UK and Around the World   London, January 19, 2018 –...

Attic Conversion Cost

Attic conversion cost Not surprisingly a lot of people search “attic conversion cost” when they want to know an attic conversion cost for their home. What is surprising is just how wrong the results of the search actually are. An attic conversion cost will range from...

Press Release: City Lofts named London’s Heavenly Builder

16.05.17 PRESS RELEASE, Ridgemount PR (Mortlake)   Deepak & Kulveer of City Lofts have been named the most Heavenly Builder in the London Region as part of the Federation of Master Builders’ (FMB) Master Builder Awards 2017. Now in its 13th year, the Master Builder...

Loft Conversion Architect

Mini-guide on loft conversion Architects.     What is a loft conversion Architect?   As the name suggests a loft conversion Architect is an Architect who produces plans for loft conversions. More pertinently this particular breed of Architect specialises in loft...

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